Catholic Calendars

(with Liturgical date pad)

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Blue Mound Graphics, Inc., is a publisher of a wide variety of Catholic liturgical and Interfaith calendars, with the option for a custom imprint on the final page. The imprint area (10 inches wide by 2 inches tall) hangs below the rest of the calendar and is visible throughout the year. This portion is ideal for advertising or highlighting church information.

Now featuring our 2019 Calendars

Traditional Art – “Let Us Pray”

“Let Us Pray” features many of our traditional Catholic faith prayers. Visit beautifully illustrated reproductions of the great works of extraordinary artists such as Murillo, Hofmann, and Barocci. This keepsake Catholic calendar can be referenced time and again, for inspiration or quiet contemplation.

Item Codes: A – English   AS – Spanish     AB – Bilingual
AI – Italian       AP – Polish

Stewardship – “A Life of Grace… the Journey to Sainthood”

“A Life of Grace…the Journey to Sainthood,” begins when we are “born of water and the spirit” (John 3:5). Sainthood is our journey toward perfection, available to all of us, with the grace of God. It is our life’s work. Pope Francis is the inspiration for this Catholic calendar.

Item Codes: M – English MS – Spanish

Evangelization – “Hallowed Be Thy Name”

“Hallowed Be Thy Name…The Lord’s Prayer,” teaches us how to pray to our heavenly Father. Jesus taught the disciples how to pray the Lord’s Prayer. We pray to our heavenly Father with trust knowing that we are loved. Let us spread the Good News of the Lord.

Item Code: V – English VB – Bilingual

Scenic Calendars

Twelve scenic full-color photographs with relevant biblical quotes offer beauty and inspiration for all Christians. Available with three different date pads: Catholic “God’s Wonders” (RC), Interfaith “Beauty from Above” (R), or General (no biblical quotes) “Silent Reminders” (RG).

This calendar makes an outstanding Christmas gift, pleasing the viewer every day of the year.

Item Codes: RC – Catholic R – Interfaith  RG – General

Lessons For Life

Whimsical characters, young and old, are featured in this lighthearted family calendar called, “Lessons for Life.” Heavenly angels appear every month along with an inspirational message to motivate us to live the good life that God intended. An extra-large date pad allows ample room for noting important events, meetings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Item Codes: LC – Catholic L – Interfaith

2019 Catalog

Our catalog offers a complete guide to all our 2019 calendars. Browse through our 2019 calendar line and you can find which calendar is best for you.

Within our catalog, you can explore our 5 different styles with a full list of all our items. Page through our visual guide to see all our 2019 calendars including our Traditional Art, Stewardship, Evangelization, Scenic and Lighthearted. This resource will inform you about special features of your favorite calendars as well as their available languages.