Custom Insert

Custom Insert Pre-Need (optional)

Our Custom Insert Pre-Need Page is a double sided printed page that is spiral bound between the cover and the first calendar month (January) of the year. The insert has the funeral establishment’s name & address pre-printed on a reply card for the recipient to mail. This is an excellent means of promoting preplanned funeral services to parishioners or other community members.


insert-front insert-back



To view more options, check out how to customize the full back page on our Pre-Need and Custom Upper Page


Artwork Guidelines:

BMG’s Macintosh based and uses Quark XPress 8 and Adobe Creative Suite CS3.
• For photographs please send a .jpeg or .tiff file (larger size/higher resolution is better)
• If we need to scan your art, send glossy black and white or continuous tone (photograph).
• For logos please send an .eps or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file if possible.
• For black and white line art, a pdf is acceptable.

To order Pre-Needs and/or Custom Uppers contact your CSRs at (800) 334-6052