Pre-Need and Custom Upper

Standard Upper

Our Standard Backer with Standard Upper is printed to use for important phone numbers and shows Birthstone Months and Wedding Anniversary Traditions. The Catholic Standard Upper also includes important Liturgical Date Pad information and dates. Imprint Area is 10 inches in width and 2 inches in length.



Standard Upper Pre-Need (optional)

Our Single Sided Standard Upper Pre-Need is a successful marketing tool for funeral directors to advertise their preplanning funeral services. The single sided standard upper pre-need is printed in place of the phone number area of the upper portion on the last page of the calendar. It does have a reply card available for the recipient to cut out, address, and mail to the funeral establishment.



Custom Upper (Optional)

A Custom Upper is printed in place of the upper portion (important phone numbers) on the last page (backer) of the calendar. It is a creative option to accommodate and display several advertisers, special church events or other special custom needs.



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Artwork Guidelines:

BMG’s Macintosh based and uses Quark XPress 8 and Adobe Creative Suite CS3.
• For photographs please send a .jpeg or .tiff file (larger size/higher resolution is better)
• If we need to scan your art, send glossy black and white or continuous tone (photograph).
• For logos please send an .eps or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file if possible.
• For black and white line art, a pdf is acceptable.

To order Pre-Needs and/or Custom Uppers contact your CSRs at (800) 334-6052