2023 Religious Calendars

Traditional Art

“My Beloved Son”

Item Code: (A)

Just like the stained glass windows in the great European Cathedrals, our Catholic Art Calendar tells the story of God’s saving relationship through stunningly beautiful images. The 2023 version of this perennial best seller draws a congregation into a deeper relationship with Christ by presenting key moments of His life in monthly images that arouse both wonder and worship. If a picture is worth a thousand words, each monthly image of this calendar proclaims a thousand Catholic teachings. This calendar is, thus, a feast for the eyes and a teaching for the soul.

This is the English version of our Traditonal Catholic Art calendar. It is also avalible in Spanish, and three Bilingual options: Spanish, Polish, or Italian.

Item Codes:

A – English (viewing now)
S – Spanish – Sold Out
AS – Bilingual Spanish – Sold Out
AP – Bilingual Polish – Sold Out
AI – Bilingual Italian

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