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Blue Mound Calendars, formerly Sacred Pictures Company, is a family owned religious wall calendar business started by the late Harry G. John and his wife Erica, in 1952. Today we are dedicated to sharing the mission of Jesus Christ by spreading positive inspiration through amazing calendars of all sorts.

Harry G. John was the grandson of Frederick Miller, founder of the Miller Brewing Company. In 1971, Harry and Erica sold the brewery stock to Philip Morris and started the De Rancé Foundation, which became the largest Catholic Charity in the world. Together their good works spanned the globe building sanctuaries for lepers in Sudan, digging wells in Africa, building churches, convents, and rectories in India. They funded US inner city schools and donated large sums of money to thousands of Catholic projects nationally.

In the 1950’s, Harry G. John formed Sacred Pictures Company. He believed strongly in the world’s greatest religious art treasures and reproduced these beautiful works of art on calendars distributed nationally to churches and businesses.

The journey continues with great calendars…

Some 70 years later, we are still publishing these beautiful religious wall calendars and have expanded our line from one style, the Traditional Catholic Art Calendar, to Evangelization, Stewardship, and Scenic Calendars. Various styles are also published in Spanish, Spanish Bilingual, Italian Bilingual, and Polish Bilingual. We are excited to continue our tradition of brilliant calendars and excellent customer service! That is a little bit about us. Give us a call and let us know a little about you!

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