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December Marks the End of the Catholic Calendar Year

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a Manger…” Rejoice in the Lord-December 2021 December marks the end of the catholic calendar year but the beginning of the Christian story. It is the most joy-filled holy day in the Christian calendar, and boy, do […]

Summer is A Time of Reflecting on Nature

As the calendar turns towards Fall and we reflect on summertime, summertime reflects on nature and God’s creation. In most of the Northern hemisphere, summer is a time of plenty. The promise of spring has been fulfilled. It is truly a time of God’s creation “showing off” with the sheer abundance of new life and […]

Celebrating Diversity as an Act of Solidarity

“Celebrate what makes us great, our Diversity!” Lighthearted – July 2021 Let’s face it. Most of us were born into our faith tradition. We are Christians largely because our parents were Christians. The same can be said for Islam, Judaism, and all the world religions. We were also all born with the genetic and racial […]

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

“Mary lives in union of faith with her Son all the way to the Cross… Heroically, she abandons herself to God.” — Evangelization Calendar – April, 2021 We are suffering through an event unprecedented in living memory. Some of us have lost loved ones, friends, and co-workers. Some of us are facing devastating financial hardship. […]

A New Update from Blue Mound Graphics

Dear Friends of Blue Mound Graphics, We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. The state of Wisconsin has extended the stay at home order for non-essential businesses through May 26, 2020. Blue Mound Graphics is continuing to comply with this order as well as the CDC’s Coronavirus Guidelines. During this unusual time […]

What Happened on Good Friday?

Christmas and Easter are the two most celebrated Christian holy days. We love the joyous celebration, the decorating, getting together with loved ones – human beings do enjoy a party. Unfortunately, there is no Easter without Good Friday, that dark and terrible day when, to the followers of Christ, it looked like the end of […]

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