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More Than Just an Imprint!

Our calendars are so much more than just an imprint. Our calendar pros take a blank canvas and craft 12 months of informative and beautifully designed date pads. Then our crew does that 15 more times to create all 16 varieties of calendars. They go on to make inserts, various uppers, pre-needs, and more to make the calendars as unique as possible. Scroll through all of the “extras” Blue Mound Graphics offers!

Jubilee year - English / Spanish

Calendar Terms

The Parts of a Calendar

Here at Blue Mound Graphics, we think about calendars all day, every day. We talk about the thickness of lines, the style of fonts, the color of a color, and what size box is the best-sized box. We know it sounds a little odd, so in hopes of normalizing calendar terminology, we put together this short glossary.


This is the face of a calendar! It is everyone’s first impression of that piece. It is what says hello, this is what I am all about, and shakes a viewer’s proverbial hand. The image is typically taken from a month within the calendar, giving the viewer a good idea of the theme and sentiment of the calendar.

Body / Date Pad

The body is the meat of the calendar—stunning images accompanied by informative text and inspirational script. The date pad, specifically, is half the body. The date pad is the most informative part of the calendar. This is where federal holidays and important days of the year are noted. Users may also write down upcoming appointments or celebrations here.


Made up of two parts; the backer is the last page of the calendar. An upper makes up the top portion of the last page.  The imprint is the bottom 2 inches of the last page. Together an upper and an imprint make a backer.


This is, in our opinion, the best way to bind the cover, body, and backer together. A spiral-bound calendar lays flat against a wall or desk. This makes writing on the calendar a breeze and viewing it a delight!


The star of the show! The term imprint comes from a time when we would physically stamp information onto something. Currently, we digitally print this information on the 10-inch wide by 2-inch high space that hangs below the calendar body on the backer. That means the valuable information published in this space is visible 365 days a year. At Blue Mound Graphics, we want to make imprints glow with the same beauty as their featured calendar.

Imprint with calendar on top

What is an Imprint?

An imprint is an informative design printed on the bottom of the last page of the calendar, a.k.a. the backer. Visible all year long, it hangs below the calendar date pad. The standard imprint is 10″ wide by 2″ high. Well-designed imprints include your contact information, specialized logos, and descriptive photos. For more information, visit our imprint page.

Imprint with calendar on top

What is an Upper?

An upper is the space above the imprint on the backer (the calendar’s last page). It is the perfect spot to list additional advertisers, events, or information that did not fit on your imprint. The standard size for an upper is 10″ wide by 7″ high. We have standard uppers designated by calendar choice, we offer pre-need uppers, or you can customize this space! Learn more by visiting our Calendar Uppers Page.

What is an Insert?

An insert is a perfect way to further customize your calendars! It is an extra page that gets inserted between the cover of the calendar and January. We offer our standard Pre-Need insert or add a custom insert to your calendar order.

The insert is the same size as the calendar pages but on a thicker piece of paper. The dimensions for a pre-need insert are 10″ wide by 7.5″ high. This two-sided print could be used for a variety of things! Our pre-need inserts are available in English and Spanish. See the English version below. To learn more, view our Insert Page.

What is a Pre-Need?

A pre-need insert is an excellent means of promoting preplanned funeral services to parishioners or other community members. We’ve created beautiful ways to advertise pre-need services in the form of an Insert or Upper. View all our options by visiting the Pre-Needs Page.

Upper Option 1 extras

Artwork Guidelines:

At Blue Mound Graphics, we pride ourselves on impeccable designs. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination! Here are a few guidelines to help make your designs the best they can be:

  • For black-and-white line art, sending us a PDF is best.
  • For photographs, please send a .JPEG/.JPG or a .TIFF file (a larger size/higher resolution is best).
  • For logos, please send a .EPS or a .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file if possible. If it is not possible, one of the above formats is preferred.
  • If we need to scan your art, send a glossy black and white or continuous tone photograph.

If you have any questions on how to send us your artwork or information, never hesitate to Email us at or call us at (414) 475-7500.

To learn more about how to customize your calendars, check out these additional options:

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