The Beatitudes in English

The Beatitudes

Christ’s Invitation to Heavenly Happiness

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The Beatitudes Calendar is designed to take the faithful on a yearlong journey into Jesus’ essential teaching on discipleship and holiness. Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, each month distills an essential truth about this powerful prologue of the Sermon on the Mount. The call to holiness can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. This calendar breaks that journey into clear and practical steps that everyday believers can understand and practice. More than a calendar, this is Christ himself taking Catholics by the hand, leading them to the happiness of heaven. Beautiful images and profound text make the Beatitudes come alive in this calendar.

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Calendar Information
  • This is a spiral-bound wall calendar
  • Closed calendar size: 10 5/8″ by 10 1/2″
  • Open calendar size: 10 5/8″ by 18 1/2″
  • Has color-coded vestments
  • The liturgical date pad features solemnities, feast days, memorials, and optional memorials as stated by the Secretariat of Divine Worship of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • 13-month date pad January 2025 to January 2026
  • This is the English version of our Stewardship calendar. It is also available in Spanish.
  • Check out our extras page to see what else you can add to your calendar!
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