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Catholic Art

Traditional Art Calendar

This calendar is a feast for the eyes and food for the Catholic soul. The beautiful images and scripture passages draw viewers into the majesty of God and set their hearts on a path of worship and praise. Enjoy this calendar 365 days a year – place your order today!

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Haitian Creole/English

Jubilee Year

Pilgrims of Hope


With the Universal Church celebrating a Year of Jubilee in 2025, this timely calendar is designed to help Catholics enter fully into the rich traditions and profound spiritual dimensions of the Jubilee Year. In so doing, this calendar will enrich the faith of your parishioners this year and beyond. Many Catholics are unfamiliar with the tradition of Jubilee. Functioning as a “Jubilee glossary” of sorts, this calendar takes a different aspect of Jubilee each month and breaks open its meaning through striking imagery and authoritative teaching. Help your members encounter the fullness of Jubilee through this special calendar.

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The Beatitudes

Christ’s Invitation to Heavenly Happiness

The Beatitudes Calendar is designed to take the faithful on a yearlong journey into Jesus’ essential teaching on discipleship and holiness. Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, each month distills an essential truth about this powerful prologue of the Sermon on the Mount. The call to holiness can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. This calendar breaks that journey into clear and practical steps that everyday believers can understand and practice. More than a calendar, this is Christ himself taking Catholics by the hand, leading them to the happiness of heaven. Beautiful images and profound text make the Beatitudes come alive in this calendar.

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God’s Wonders

Scenic Catholic Calendar

Each month presents a glimpse into the beauty and wonder of nature, accompanied by an inspirational Bible quote. The cathedral of nature meets the Word of God, and the soul is possessed by wonder and lifted into God’s presence. Celebrate the beauty of our world every day – start your order now!

Scenic Calendars are Available In:

Catholic – English
Interfaith – English
Secular – English

God's Wonders 2025
Latinidad 2025 calendario Herencia Hispana Hispanic Heritage 2025 calendar


Hispanic Heritage

New to Our Line!

Baile a través de imágenes de tortillas caseras, perciba las voces de la multitud y sienta las trompetas del mariachi. Este calendario ayudará a los feligreses a honrar a su gente y valorar la riqueza de sus tradiciones. Celebre las ofrendas de vida y la alegría en este año inaugural de nuestro calendario Latinidad.

Dance through the images of homemade tortillas, the chatter of crowds and feel the horns of the mariachi. This calendar will help parishioners honor their people and value the richness of their
traditions. Celebrate offerings of life and joy in the inaugural year of our Hispanic Heritage calendar.

This Calendar is Available In:

Spanish – Catholic
Spanish – General

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