Catholic Calendars

Catholic Art

Traditional Art Calendar

This calendar is a feast for the eyes and food for the Catholic soul. The beautiful images and scripture passages draw viewers into the majesty of God and set their hearts on a path of worship and praise. Enjoy this calendar 365 days a year – place your order today!

This Calendar is Available In:

Spanish Bilingual 
Polish Bilingual
Italian Bilingual

Do This in Memory of Me

A Year of the Eucharist

Evangelization Calendar

A parish can use each month’s teaching as a focus for the entire parish and in twelve months, parish members will have received a full and systematic catechesis on the Eucharist. However you plan to use this excellent and faithful resource, the 2024 Evangelization Calendar will evangelize your members on the Eucharist, leaving them with a clear understanding of the Sacrament and inviting them more fully into Eucharistic worship. Celebrate the Eucharist in 2024 – start your calendar order today!

This Calendar is Available In:

Spanish Bilingual

What Returns Shall We Make to the Lord for His Goodness?

Stewardship Calendar

Each month asks this question in a slightly different way, drawing the viewer into faithful reflection about the many ways God has been so good to us. This calendar is designed to foster a stewardship heart in each and every member of your parish — place your order today!

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God’s Wonders

Scenic Catholic Calendar

Each month presents a glimpse into the beauty and wonder of nature, accompanied by an inspirational Bible quote. The cathedral of nature meets the Word of God, and the soul is possessed by wonder and lifted into God’s presence. Celebrate the beauty of our world every day – start your order now!

Scenic Calendars are Available In:

Catholic – English
Interfaith – English
Interfaith – Spanish Bilingual
Secular – English

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