What is an Imprint

An imprint is an informative design printed on the last page, a.k.a. backer. Visible all year long, it hangs below the datepad. The standard imprint is 10″ wide by 2″ high. Well-designed imprints include your contact information, specialised logos, and descriptive photos. If your imprint is complete, send it to us, and we will print it that way.

An Imprint with Sizes
Imprint on a calendar

What Goes into an Imprint?

Imprints advertise your organization, highlighting contact information, clergy names, service times, and other church information. The best imprints are simple, with clear and concise text and a logo or photo to best convey your message. To stand out among your competitors, create the imprint in various colors, such as vibrant green, luscious yellow, robin red, or process.

Here are some sample imprints to get your creative juices flowing – and remember, our talented team will help your imprint stand out.

Sample Imprint
Sample Imprint
Another Sample Imprint
Sample Imprint

We Offer an Extended Imprint Area

If you need more space to display the imprint, our extended backers are 2″ longer. The extended backer size is 10″ wide by 4″ high and is an additional cost.

Extended Imprint
Extended Backer with calendar
To learn more about how we can customize your calendars, check out these additional options:

Artwork Guidelines:

Blue Mound Graphics is Macintosh based and uses Quark XPress 8 and Adobe Creative Suite CS3.

  • For black and white line art, a pdf is best.
  • For photographs please send a .jpeg or .tiff file (larger size/higher resolution is better).
  • For logos, please send a .eps or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file if possible.
  • If we need to scan your art, send glossy black and white or continuous tone (photograph).

Any questions on how to send us your artwork or imprint information? Email us at or call us at (414) 475-7500.

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