Calendar Uppers

What is an Upper?

An upper is the space above the imprint on the backer (the calendar’s last page). It is the perfect spot to list additional advertisers, events, or information that did not fit on your imprint. The standard size for an upper is 10″ wide by 7″ high. We have standard uppers designated by calendar choice, or you can customize this space!

Pre-Need Calendar Upper

Our Standard Uppers

We have three different uppers that go with our calendars. The upper depends on your calendar choice. Check out all three below — to enlarge the image, click on it.

Pre-Need Uppers

Our single-sided pre-need upper is a successful marketing tool for funeral directors to advertise their preplanning funeral services. It is printed in place of the standard upper. It has a reply card for the recipient to cut out, address, and mail to the funeral establishment. With two attractive options, anyone can get precisely what they want.

Option 1 in Color

Upper Option 1 extras

Option 1 Black & White

Option 1 BW

Option 2 in Color


Option 2 Black & White

Option 2 BW

Also Available in Spanish!

Option 1 Color

Option 1 Black & White

Option 2 Color

Option 2 Black & White

Custom Upper

A custom upper is printed in place of the standard upper on the backer. It is a creative option to accommodate and display several advertisers, special events, or whatever you can fit in a 10″ by 7″ space!  If you have a design you love, send it over. Otherwise, our fantastic design team is happy to help you get precisely what you want.

In Color

Sample Custom Upper in Color

In Black and White

Sample Custom Upper

Artwork Guidelines:

At Blue Mound Graphics, we pride ourselves on impeccable designs. The only limit to what you can do is your imagination! Here are a few guidelines to help make your upper the best it can be:

  • For black-and-white line art, sending us a PDF is best.
  • For photographs, please send a .JPEG/.JPG or a .TIFF file (a larger size/higher resolution is best).
  • For logos, please send a .EPS or a .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file if possible. If it is not possible, one of the above formats is preferred.
  • If we need to scan your art, send a glossy black and white or continuous tone photograph.

If you have any questions on how to send us your artwork or upper information, never hesitate to Email us at or call us at (414) 475-7500.

To learn more about how to customize your calendars, check out these additional options:

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